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Human Resource Training


We provide the specialized training  We provide training that other Houston agencies don't have.

Health, Safety Security for Human resource issues adventure training, corporate adventure, team building , leadership development, executives professional .

International Training

1987- 2010 

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Finding the right trainer for special human resource needs is difficult .


Its hard for a corporation to find trainers. We provide Trainers and  Specialists instructors for temporary or contract work. We  also provide Specialized Human resource training  in safety, Security, Antiviolence, Hostile environment.  Its far cheaper than keeping a trainer or instructor on staff. Group training for one flat fee per hour or technical staff training. Need a temporary trainer or Instructor, don't use a staffing agency were cheaper.

We also provide training programs in the subjects below We also  can create training to fit you needs and workplace or do a risk assessment

Operational security - social engineering & Critical infrastructure security for businesses,                                            

Hostile environment 

Executive security training

Anti violence programs, violence prevention, behavior management, Personal safety, Travel safety

Social services safety,

Crisis management, Trauma  training services,

Humanitarian training, Cultural training

Critical incident, victim services, crisis center training, traumatic stress training,

Staff safety security and trauma training Anti-Violence,

  These courses are held on demand  a trainer can be sent to your agency. 

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