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Intercultural Training

We provide intercultural training and cross cultural training to both American and Chinese industrial business. We will represent  international business with  American companies in the Woodlands, Houston Conroe Magnolia area. We understand the  needs of small to mid-size companies interested in establishing trade, operations, or investment with China.  Representatives throughout China.       

 We serve as the "bridge" between western companies and Chinese business opportunities.  Our 10+ years experience, specialized expertise, in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the Chinese market, and extensive local contacts will help you cut through the red tape involved in doing business with or expanding into China.

Creating joint ventures and other forms of business partnerships  Identifying manufacturing partners and local sources of quality control for outsourcing or licensing  Establishing sales and distribution networks within China and setting up strategic marketing plans Assisting importers  exporters in navigating legal, regulatory, and customs barriers Establishing banking and other financial relationships

Providing liaison with various regulatory and other government bodies in China.

  We facilitate and coordinate management of technology we are  experienced at facilitating communication between corporate staff using different technical languages and identifying  appropriate training in technology management , We also handle executive coaching , corporate and enterprise security,  involving risk management, anti violence,  infrastructure security,  work place violence, executive programs in travel security training with gender based training for women.  We implement programs that address gender race creed and ethnicity.

We provide education and training to  oil and gas, aviation Human resource ,NGOs, Government agencies, disaster relief agencies, Domestic and violence centers humanitarian, hospitals, nonprofits, government, law enforcement and emergency relief services and educational agencies. We have trained law enforcement , crisis centers , even National guard members.  International agencies with staff in foreign countries. 
We are available to speak in the Houston area just send us a email request and tell us who you are.

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