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Site disclaimer

How to pick the right photos for your business web site.

 by Alphacorps business consultants.

Master Hughes 

The right image for your business website presentation for that matter—can help motivate people to read the thousand words you’re about to lay on them. It can be one of the most important parts of the site and convince people to do business with you. People respond to visuals, even when they’re in search of words of wisdom. Adding photos can help bring your words to life, and avoid the deadly “nothing but text” screen

When you search, start with the most obvious keywords and keep brain storming new ones, each term a little more out there than the next. Try new keyword combinations until you see the photo that makes you shout, “That’s the one!”

Your picture should clearly be related to and display and support your content.

The main concept in the image should clearly relate to the blog’s main topic and title. Literal images are okay, as long as they’re not too literal.

Your photo should send your company message.  It should fit your organization’s personality and convey the right message.
Photos stir emotions, so make sure you’re stirring the right ones.

CompositionMaster Hughes
Can you make out the details at the size you will use the image?

Don't use royalty free photos Your own photos keep you out of legal hassles. They often display your company image much better.

Legal stuff

The legal stuff on royalty free photos creates too many problems. The licensing may or may not allow you to modify the image, crop the picture to zoom in on the essential detail you’re after It almost takes a lawyer to understand it thus your company risk management thinking should say avoid it. .


 When you take you Photos remember the  rule of thirds often carry more compositional and emotional clout (though rules are made to be broken). Its best to keep the subject or object in 1/3rd of the photo.

Of course, avoid bad quality photography. Make sure that objects that should be in focus are, that the scene has enough light and contrast, and that the image isn’t pixilated.

ITs not that hard to get decent photos these days the cameras are so good , but if you doubt your ability hire some one to take them but make them sign a disclaimer that they have not rights to the photos if they wont get a friend to take them..

 Copyright add your copy right claim to the site photos. copy right 2010 Alphacorps business consultants.

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