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Philippine girls 3 girls www.nationalmeditation.org

I've been there and done it guys, I'm the leading internet expert on how to prevent fraud when marrying a foreign wife. Read this if your considering going to the Philippines Cebu or Manila to meet Philippine girls or marrying a foreign wife . Whar are the risks of flying to philippines to meet a woman. Are there nice foreign  women,  filipina girls.

Our video will tell you things no one else will tell you , one reason is were securtiy experts we have helped more men with this problem than any Person in the U.S



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Master Hughes is well known for his expertise holding 9 commendations for his activities he has worked with numerous individuals involved in internet dating fraud or marriage fraud.
Having traveled to the Philippines with ten years experience with the Philippine culture he is working with men globally to promote safer dating worldwide and to prevent marriage fraud by Philippine women.


   Video 1© How to find a Philippine wife ,or spot a scammer, contains information on the Philippine culture, how scammers work travel tips and more.49.95 plus ship and handling 5.95


About the Video

Whats in it?

First a New section on security to help you stay safe when  traveling to the philippines has been added.also learn about how scammers work, philippine culture, hotel safety, spotting the fake passport, the vawa act, and clubs that take men to the philippines . and much more in the free downloads.


When you buy this video we also give you two free downl
oads one of tips by a lawyer on how to protect your self if you get married. and the second Travel tips to the Philippines. That will help you if you go to the philippines. Theres a lot of information in the downloads

The common problem with men who became victims , was they were lonely and based their decision to find a foreign wife on information provided by web sites. 

The video tells you How scammers work.

Explains more about the philippine family.

Safety tips when travelling to the Philippines.

Why you should stay at a hotel downtown.

Philippine culture.

The family structure.

Do they care about your age.?

Learn about fake documents and passports from the scammers.

with free downloads on travel tips travel by boat, and bus Ill also include the top ten safest airlines and the ten most dangerous to use.



While we realize there are many decent women in the Philippines the problems is your most likely to meet the scammer first who is placing dozens of ads.

If you buy the video it can save you a lot of money and suffering. If  you buy the video and   and have  a  simple question for a simple problem email me and Ill send you a phone number to call me free.

 John Hanson "The information will save me a lot of money when I travel to the Philippines just in motel fees, Paying  49.00 dollars  for the video was a easy choice .


Videos play on all modern  DVD players Canada, England united states Australia using the NTSC system ,If you get a baddisc we will give you a free replacement there is a no return no refund policy . Note we hold trademark and copy right to the video name How to find a Philippine wife ,or spot a scammer, web sites using the name will have complaints filed unless they have link to our site beside the name. otherwise it is a copy right infringement.

Here is what one man wrote "Quote From Michael Lendzian  I found your excellent website online while searching for information, your words ring home about these women. Thank you Master Hughes for your website. Here are some of the problems men face.

 Our web site has prevented numerous scams this year scams involving Filipina girls and Philippine girls that we know of and helped many others"   Were contacted by men all over the nation who have been scammed.  Its estimated that 70% of the  marriages with Philippine  women are fraudulent , causing American men a lot of suffering.   Filipinos  have found out how easy it is to  scam Americans they are lining up to place ads on romance sites and my space.

   The sad part is immigration actually aids these girls crimes.  We would love for CBS to hear what we have to tell them. Maybe CBS would like to see the letter from INS saying they don't have the money to prosecute theses girls.

Quote John V. "I wish I had seen these videos before I went to the Philippines.

Also try our new site www.master-hughes.com


For more information go to www.immigrationfraudvictims.us