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The Philippines

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The Philippines

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Forests in the tropics have a rich biodiversity. More than half of all the plants and animals in the world are to be found in the rainforests. More than 3500 species of plants and animals! The constantly high temperatures and the continuously high humidity in the tropics make this biodiversity  possible. The temperature is in most tropical rainforests between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius. 




With less financial possibilities the architecture and visible construction materials are more simple and more derived from the natural surroundings. Wooden planks, board, bamboo and straw are the basic materials for the traditional houses. Geographically, the more remote the region is, as mountain areas are, the more the natural environment delivers the construction materials for the houses.

What has Cebu to offer to tourists?

For tourists the island Cebu, its capital Cebu City and the nearby smaller islands have a lot of attractions. Many things to do and to see.Especially:

  Sun, sea and beach, inclusive  possibilities for diving

Local industries (the production process)

 The charm of the activities in the local service sector, by day and in the evening Traces from the Spanish and religious past in Cebu City Sun, sea and beach tourism

 Cebu and mactan island

 Many tourists from abroad will directly fly to Cebu's airport. From Cebu they spread out by boat to the many islands in the Visayas or they stay on Cebu island.

 On Mactan island tourism is well developed. Many dive centres and dive resorts (more than 75) arrange day excursions and diving safaris to  the surrounding dive sites. Not only in the  nearby waters, but especially to the nearby small islands. Cebu became the country's top tourist destination.

 Transportation from one island to another

Most of the time Filipinos will take the boat to travel from one island to another island in the Philippines . The distance between island id relativly short . So even tourists will make use of the boat. Moreover, for tourists travelling by boat from one island to another island, "island hopping", is attractive because it offers more possibilities to communicate with Filipinos and Filipinas. 

Once decided  to make a trip through the Philippines, the choice has to be made which boat and which company  (or still airplane?) you want to make use of! 

Island hopping by boat

There are three types of boats. The traditional type is the pump- boat. Nowadays most bigger pump-boats are motorized. The pump-boats are normally used for the shorter distances. The price of the ticket is cheap. For really short distances between islands close to each other, the smaller un-motorized pump boat is used.  These un-motorized boats are mostly used for fishing. 

The second type  of boat is the ferryboat, the most comfortable possibility for 'island hopping'. There are several companies who have regular trips between the bigger islands. 

  The third type of boat is the fastest, the modern hovercraft. In the Philippines it is known as the Super Cat. This ferry is a real Catamaran with two keels joined by a frame. 

The Super Cat travels between some bigger islands, not a too big distance between them! 

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