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Hostile Environment Training 

 Alphacorps holds classes at the  National Meditation center International training
      course length  one or 2 days

number 936-445-0095          

The new Hostile environment course is the executive travel security course.

Course length 1 day or two.www.alphacorps.us

The difference between courses in the two day course is the client gets more exposure to the training material and they get more actual participation.  The one day course is compressed and is primarily is a class course , the one day course is designed for companies that don’t have time for the two day course.


 Course fees per person for the 1 day course are 495.00 per person. The two day course is 595.00 per person. If we travel to your facilities additional travel fees will apply. When we fly to your facilities we require a minimum of 10 persons in the class.


 It has components on personal safety to mitigate the risk of kidnapping, create awareness of personal and operational security, and in the event the hostage situation understanding dissociative behavior and countering techniques. Those not in a compound and  required to travel should take additional component training due to higher exposure. 
All classes participatory management utilizing tpr and practical skills and aggregate compound training. Take a look at our Training background.

Program Goals:
1. To reduce risk to employees due to operation in a hostile environment including risk of kidnapping and hostage situation.
To improve personal security awareness and give staff the tools they need to negotiate risks
 2. To create effective hostile environment training for industry compensating for needs and environment. 
3. To provide specialized training to reduce psychological stress creating a more effective employees and  reduce the loss of highly trained valued staff.
Capacity – 12 to 20 people                   
 2 day class agenda Training: class hours 8am to 5pm Objectives–  Mitigate safety of  employees in  Hostile environments. Kidnapping or terrorism. Identify your operational security when at risk from violent, hostile, dangerous environments and enable you to better assess the risks.– Acquire essential tools to handle stress, safety and avoid danger to operate under extreme conditions.
Day 1 Class 7 hours training 1 hour lunch
Begin hostile environment class,
Traumatic stress training,
preparing the mind for survival and coping techniques. Compound aggregate training. 
Day 2 Class 7 hours training 1 hour lunch
Cultural differences,
Personal safety training,
Travel and transport safety and
Security land and air travel

This course should meet the standards for Iraq and Afghanistan under Defcon 697 contractor on deployed operation, and Defstan 05-129 defense standard process and requirements.  Hostile environment awareness training, This course is prepared for employees that will be working in a secure environment. The focus of this course is mental preparation of staff to endure a hostile environment reducing or mitigation the psychological negative influence of the hostile environment. 
Disassociate behavior, Hostage survival, Defensive techniques, Country specific info.so

Introduction to risk assessment,
 Mental preparation and trauma,   Emergency clothing and equipment, , 
 Emergency shelters, Mines and booby traps, , Urban and rural awareness/building security,
 Weapons and ballistics awareness,
Observation. Civil disturbances,  Emergency navigation,  Vehicle checkpoints/border crossings
External practical scenarios
Natural disasters
Hostage abduction and enduring captivity
 Personal security and personal protection
Security awareness
Vehicle security,
Traumatic stress training.
4 wheel drive operation
Post-traumatic stress disorder
A challenging or hostile region can be unpredictable, so awareness is your first line of defense. We cover the essential factors that could impact you.

Threat assessment
What are the actual risks? Political, criminal, economic, terrorist.

Culture and its impact
The importance to your business of cultural and religious understanding

The Hostile Environments course  can included a Emergency First Aid Course is designed specifically for companies and individuals that operate world wide, particularly in areas where there may be concerns for personal health or safety. It has proved extremely effective for "frontline" organizations, e.g. the media, NGOs, aid agencies, etc. but can equally be applied to the work of a range of other companies working in volatile areas. In the three day course Emergency first aid can be added
We offer specialist courses at  our training Center in the  United States. Our course specializes on Preparing the victim to psychologically with stand the hostile environment and mitigate the impact on the individual.  Courses can  also be conducted at your agency  in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. These courses are constantly updated in the light of feedback from our clients and our instructors' on-site presence in theatres of international military operations.nbsp;

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