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Personal security in the field.

Alphacorps was one of the first agencies to specialize in personal security training, we recognized that as disaster workers, social workers and emergency workers seek to meet the needs of victims and communities they are becoming targets.
We provide training in personal security awareness, Personal protection, situational awareness, security  personnel in the  field, and basic security in the field, Safety in the hotel, training for field security, Threat assessment. Our company has over 25 years expertise conducting security training .
Personal security in the field training.
Situational awareness.
john car
Threat assessment training
Vehicle security
Vehicle procedures defensive
Body language
Handling aggression
We also may use these modules depending on the needs of the agency.'
 Understanding the hostage
 Antiterrorism services  Targeting of victims training.
 Assessment of risk,
situational training Cultural differences,
 Emergency survival,
 Gender security and culture
 Hostage situations,
 Human trafficking,
Individual crisis training intervention,
Operational security,
personal and travel security.
 Trauma services (traumatic stress, Critical incident Prevention  intervention programs crisis management. er provides proprietary technical health safety training and security products, critical aviation and oil and gas risk assessment infrastructure security, internationally and in the United States to humanitarian agencies, Human resource, International agencies staff in foreign countries, Oil and gas.  Our T T D section is registered with the CCR to handle government contracts. You get the same quality training as a government employee
. Take a look at our Technical training background.
We also provide disaster training, four wheel drive operation and more
 Headlines of news articles involving staff being killed in the field.
 Safety of disaster workers and   Aid workers and legal responsibility of agencies. 
Master Hughes pictured above has been recognized seven times for his work and expertise.
Employers face legal responsibility and must be committed to train  aspects of safety and security to supervisors, physicians, social workers, crisis workers and disaster workers emergency responders...  Head lines like these are becoming common place.
"From the pressroom  NASW WV Statement: Social Worker Brenda Lee Yeagers Murder Social worker Brenda Lee Yeager, 51 of Lincoln County, was tragically killed in the line of duty on Wednesday. Her body was found on Friday.    
Three expatriate aid workers and their Afghan driver died last week in a hail of.
Aug 4, 2008 ... Darfur: UN Troubled By Attacks On Aid Workers ... had a clear obligation to guarantee the personal and physical safety of relief workers
Our training is a component training specially designed for staff


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