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How to stop fire blight

Quick Facts...

Fire blight is attacking pear trees in Houston


We do not sugguest planting pear trees in Houston but if you do here is more on what you need to know, Fire blight will strike houston  this year.

  • Fire blight is a bacterial disease,
  • It  attacks the rose family, including apple, pear, quince and crabapple.
  • Symptoms include dead leaves and  branches,  that look burnt , discolored bark,
  • Fire blight bacteria is spread by insects,  rain or contaminated pruning tools..

Our company can treat for fire blight.

Disease Management

There is no cure for this disease, so prevention is the best solution for the management of fire blight. To help prevent fire blight the best methods are.

 Use resistant varieties is the most effective prevention method.

 Spraying chemicals is not recommended for homeowners because of chemical availability, potential phytoxicity and the critical timing of sprays.

Resistant varieties:  If you  put in pears or apple trees, choose a resistant variety.  but none are immune. but you may consder putting in Chinese plums instead of pears.

Cultural practices: dont fertilize trees with fire blight. 

Pruning: Remove all blighted twigs and cankered branches. the cankers can store the fire blight over winter.

 Prune twigs and branches 8 to 12 inches below the edge of visible infection.  Sterilize all tools used in pruning  in household bleach or ethyl alcohol.

Remove from the site and destroy all infected branches they can still spread the fire blight..