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Drought stressed trees in Houston

This information can help you save your trees, if the trees are allready in a stressed condition you may need to call us.



 WERE tree doctors and We can save your trees.

Tree maintenance procedures that can significantly increase a tree’s chance of making it through drought periods:

Often, drought stress may not kill a tree outright, but set it up for more serious secondary insect and disease infestations in following years.

A sagging evergreen tree is a sign of stress.


 Mulch around your trees with  2 no more than  4 inches of organic mulch to retain moisture.

 Use wood chips, shredded bark,  I always sugguest hard wood bark, not Pine can change the ph more. Keep the mulch 6” from the trunk of the tree.

 Avoid placing concrete or rock around the tree.

Dont let the patio guy tell you it wont hurt the trees hes selling you somthing.

Its best not to do constuction close to a trees stay at least 15 feet to 30 feet away consult with your tree doctor before you build.
 Master HUghes

Let a professional  fertilize a tree that is under drought stress.

Salts in fertilizer may burn roots when there is not sufficient water. so dont fertilize more than twice a year, Dont let landscapers fertilize often they dont apply near enough or they dont have the proper equipment.  Fertilizers may also stimulate top growth resulting in too much leaf area on the plant for the root system to maintain during periods of limited soil moisture.

 Keep your trees healthy and pest free your tree doctor can apply pesticides designed for trees to keep the boring insects out of them. boring insects in houston are a major problem during a drought.

Dought situations are complicated and greatly increase risk of loss , so dont use a landscaper or aroborist that cuts trees to give you advice , use a tree doctor.



Postpone any construction activities planned near your tree to reduce impact to the trees’ roots. If your tree has any insect or disease problem that may be adding additional stress – treat them accordingly to reduce the overall stress to your trees.

 Symptoms of a drought stress tree?

 Symptoms of drought injury to trees may be seen suddenly or may take up to 4 years to show up.

 Drought symptoms on tree leaves include wilting, curling at the edges, and yellowing.
Deciduous leaves may  scorch, brown outside edges or browning between veins.  You may notice sagging leaves or slow growth.

 Evergreen needles may turn yellow, red or purple. They may also turn brown at the tips of the needles and browning may progress through the needle towards the twig.

Note there are several diseases that may cause a tree to appears as a dought stricken tree you need a tree doctor to diagnosis the problem.

 WERE tree doctors and We can save your trees.

We provide tree care in Houston tx,  the Woodlands tx, Atascocita, Humble tx , Spring tx and Conroe tx , Magnolia tx area. Whether you have pine bark beetles, tree bores or spots on your leaves we can help.  

Tree doctors There are only one or two tree doctors in Houston. We provide treatments that are proprietary which means other tree doctors or tree arborists can not  provide and don't have access to our types of treatments.

While arborist's in Houston or the woodlands either spray a tree or do ground injections, but few of them have the ability to identify the cause of the trees declining health.

Tree care in  Houston metro area to the Greater Houston area, Garden oaks, the Woodlands tx, spring area and Conroe, cypress fairbanks ,the champions, Lake conroe, Magnolia  area and the Houston heights area. lake Conroe, Willis tx., including Downtown, Galleria, West U, River Oaks