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Tree fungus problems Houston

Funguses can kill a tree

chicken fungus
Funguses can kill a tree

Tree funguses my be reffered to as called conks or brackets because of thier shape. Some will belocated at the base of the tree and some around wounds in bark, at branch scars.
Some fuguses attack the out side of the tre and some will spred thru the heartwood.

Fungus like Armillaria produce typical, fleshy, mushroom-shaped fruiting bodies at the base of infected trees after a rain in fall or winter. Some fruiting bodies such as Armillaria mushrooms are annual.
 They often show up at the start of the rainy season, but many are perennial and grow by adding a new layer each year.

Decay fungi often are divided into white rots, brown rots, and soft rots.
White rots break down lignin and cellulose and commonly cause rotted wood to feel moist, soft, spongy, or stringy and appear white or yellow.
Brown rots primarily decay the cellulose and hemicellulose (carbohydrates) in wood, leaving behind the brownish wood lignin.

Evidence of Brown rots  Wood That is affected by brown rot usually is dry and fragile, readily crumbles into cubes Look for of longitudinal and transverse cracks, They commonly forms a solid column of rot in wood. Brown rot generally is more serious than white rot.
Soft rots are caused by both bacteria and fungi.

They decay cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin but only in areas directly adjacent to their growth.
Soft rots grow more slowly than brown and white rots and usually don’t cause extensive structural damage to wood of living trees.
Funguses that infect trees are often spread by airboren spores, also insects can spread them. that infect trees through injuries and wounds. Injuries include natural branch thinning due to shading, pruning wounds

 Oak root fungus

When bark is removed, you may see a white or cream-colored fungi present between the bark and wood of roots it may below soil line. The mushroom oftens forms at the base of the oak.
The common sulfur shelf

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