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Stopping Pine beetles in

Houston and The woodlands


At Nmc we have a method of controlling or stopping pine beetles.  

We also use proprietary methods that other companies cant provide.  We provide services in  the Houston area, Memorial, Spring The woodlands, and lake conroe.
These species of bark beetles primarily feed on pine trees, also they  occasionally choose to infest spruce or larch trees. Pine trees can be weakened by bark beetles, or infestation may become so severe as to kill off the entire tree.

Nmc woodlands tree care provide service to The woodlands tx, the Memorial area, the Champions and more.

 Some trees can be saved, but don't rely on tree trimming companies to give you advice. They often don't have the training or skills.

The infestation area includes Montgomery County,  including Harris, Chambers, San Jacinto and Waller counties.

Drought  encourages  insect attacks

Pine bark beetles , which include engravers and black turpentie beetles attack curing droughts. the beetles typically attack the stressed trees first. the infested pines will change color begining with the needles turning from yellow to red in as litttle as 21 days.