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Cypress tree care



 Nmc Woodlands provide specializes tree care services in Houston Providing residential and commercial services.  Nmc woodlands tree care has proprietary treatment program that others in the Houston tree care arborists cannot provide.


One problem with cypress in Houston is that most landscape care personnel are not knowledgeable about the care of cypress trees.  nmc Woodlands tree cares specializes in tree care, we hope the following information will help you if you need assistance with your cypress just call us.
Choosing the planting site is the first step is your yard.  For cypress trees the Hydrology and soil characteristics are important.  This  determines whether sites are suited to grow cypress.



 Soils Cypress grows on a wide variety of soils, ranging from sands to clays to mucks and peat, provided that moisture is adequate. 
 The best soils are moderately well drained, moist sandy loams, but these are likely to favor other tree species as well.  Cypress can grow on poorly drained clays, and pond cypress, especially, can grow well on acidic, organic soils.

Cypress Variety

 We recommend , bald or pond variety,  but match the cypress tree to the , soils in your area, and landscape setting of the selected site.

Sites that are periodically flooded are favorable for bald cypress, whereas isolated depressions with stagnant water,  are better for pond cypress.

You can grow cypress seedlings, but this takes  a year . Timing of Planting The best time to plant bare-root cypress seedlings is while they are dormant (November to March). Containerized cypress seedlings can be planted year-round.

Shade tolerance Cypress is only moderately tolerant of shade,it lakies sun so dont plant around a heavily shaded area.  Those planted in more natural settings grow more slowly, but require much less maintenance.

   What to Expect Planting success of cypress is often very high. Cypress trees planted in yards and kept well watered and weeded can grow very rapidly, even 12 feet  in three years