Philippine scammers put the hurt on Americans

As a advocate against this common and some times violent fraud against Americans. I have been involved in helping the victims of Filipino scams.
The harm these women and men do is often horrible, there have been numerous men murdered by Philippine women and their families. Their have been many men lose 1000 to 5000 dollars in these scams .

The scams primarily come in two types the dating scam where they  milk you for money. And the marriage scam where they get you to  bring them to the U.S by fiancĂ©  visa.

Where during the period they are married to you many of them financially milk you dry . This eir Philippine wives.

This is a serious problem . Expect no help from the U.S. government forget it guys , immigration actually helps protect these women. maybe our government has a secret agenda because they most certainly are aware of these crimes. I know one man who lost 190,000 dollars to one of these women.

The Philippine women admitted in court under oath that she had abused the elderly man. Yet she is still free thanks to immigr

may go on for several years because they are pretty good at hiding what they do . Often setting up hidden mail boxes for mail , secret email accounts. fraud with credit cards and much more.

They especially like to find retired elderly men, or men with pensions.  There have been men from America, Britain , Australia and more murdered by th

ation and the DA .  Abuse of the elderly and theft constitute  a felony in Texas.