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Anti carjacking Training for Staff

Alpha corps provides specialized training in anti carjacking to executive staff and those going overseas.

Anti kidnapping and hostage survival training  for Texas companies and those traveling overseas. Alphacorps provides training consultation and management of security programs.

We can teach your staff To identify threats when out and about, anywhere in the world. We will show them techniques to deal with a variety of threats, from general instances, such as robbery or mugging, to the specific threat of sexual assault or abduction

Here is a little of what you may learn. Course sample.

'The Bump' is where the carjacker will intentionally bump your vehicle from behind. The victim will pull over,  to exchange insurance details. The carjacker's accomplice will then steal your vehicle.

jon truck

'The Fallen Number Plate' is where the carjackers will  follow you  until you park. They will then unscrew the back number plate and wait until you drive off again. The car jacker will follow the victim and honk their horn attract the victim's attention. The victim will then notice this nice person waving the number plate ,  the victim will inevitably pull over and get out to retrieve the plate. They then steal your car.

 Rules Don't stop to assist a stranger whose vehicle has broken down.  instead by calling the Police to help.

If you are bumped in traffic and the offending vehicle has more than just the driver, be suspicious of the accident. write down the vehicle's registration number and description. Wave the offending vehicle to follow and drive to the nearest Police Station or a gas station.

Always drive with your vehicle doors locked - if you are not keen on this (in case you have an accident and emergency services cannot gain quick access to you) unlock your doors when you are driving at speed and lock them when driving around town or stopped.
Always have your windows rolled up. If you don't have air conditioning roll your window down but no more than a couple of inches.

When stopped in traffic, leave room to maneuver and escape. As a rule of thumb, if you can see the entire back wheel of vehicle in front of you, you have enough room to maneuver out.


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