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Executive travel security

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Course information below

Alphacorps provides corporate security solutions. Executive travel security is a must today and for those traveling overseas. Alphacorps provides training, consultation and management guidance of security programs.

 Security training executives, travel safe programs, Kidnapping survival training for executives, executive travel security.

 In Texas we are a one or 2 day course.

Course length 1 day or two.

The difference between courses in the two day course is the client gets more exposure to the training material and they get more actual participation.  The one day course is compressed and is primarily is a class course , the one day course is designed for companies that don’t have time for the two day course.


 Course fees per person for the 1 day course are 495.00 per person. The two day course is 595.00 per person. If we travel to your facilities additional travel fees will apply. When we fly to your facilities we require a minimum of 10 persons in the class.


.jon trruck www.alphacorps.us

Our programs include   personal security risk management ,  safety training for work abroad houston tx , Safety management overseas, personal safety security training, executive travel risk management, basic security safety, corporate security,  executive kidnap awareness training   personal defense training Houston,Take a look at our Technical training background.



Should corporate security handle kidnap and ransom requests .  Are you needing safety management overseas?  Is your company looking for overseas Survival skills  for executives anti kidnapping or antiviolence training, or security training for executives or staff workers in South Texas or Mexico, or Nigeria.

Alphacorps is the answer we provide corporate security solutions and services. Are you trying to protect employees from kidnapping,  learn how to avoid urban kidnappings thru our personal security risk management program. Interested in personal defense training  in Houston.  Interested in Anti carjacking training,  crisis training , risk management, anti kidnapping training for management or travel safety in Houston. Risk management, basic security safety, corporate security we handle safety security programs.

More courses

  Vehicle security courses, corporate safety and security management. Corporate travel safety training, Business travel safety training for overseas executives  or  Protecting corporate personnel. Interested in security management for humanitarian projects. Security training executives, Kidnapping survival training for executives,  travel security, personal safety security, executive travel risk management, basic security safety, corporate security, Houston, woodlands,   As an experienced highly trained expert, I have taken a large amount of specialized training.


 Did you know Latin American countries are kidnapping hotspots including Mexico and Argentina.


The Philippines and Pakistan are notorious for kidnapping but ransom demands are lower but the chance of being murdered or injured are far higher

Executive travel security Safety Training

one to three days depending on elements included

Training  components

Vehicle security

Vehicle procedures

  • Vehicle Safety & Selection of Rental Cars
  • Principles of Route Selection

Hotel selection

  • Airline Travel Safety
  • Hotel and Room Selection

Principals of route selection


Avoiding Predictable Patterns of Behavior

Risk assessment

Targeting of victims

Personnel safety
  • Awareness Training/Target Recognition
  • Counter-surveillance Technique
  • Terrorism
  • Local Criminal Threats

Handling aggression

  • Crimes Against Women
  • Mitigating Kidnap Risks
  • Surviving a Hijacking
  • Commercial
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Understanding the hostage

  •  Trauma services (traumatic stress, critical incident Prevention and intervention programs crisis management.

 Antiterrorism services

  • Espionage/Protecting IP
  • Corporate Liability Issues
  • Who should attend–  Executives, Personal safety security and risk management training, Hostile environment training, Humanitarian news reporters, oil and gas workers , airline, military  and industrial workers exposed to hostile environments. Aviation employees the vision 100 aviation rehabilitation act requires air carriers to conduct  basic security training for crew members.

We provide training in Houston, the woodlands and Tyler Texas. We facilitate and coordinate executive women's and men's training programs for executive security training and intercultural training for executives working overseas, executive coaching  safety security programs and training.




Employees Working  in a foreign country are now at high risk of kidnapping or attack you may be preparing a response team to mitigate liability and risk to employees but personnel need safety training .This will help protect personnel and mitigate company liability. We can train your staff  to  prepare response teams to mitigate physical and psychological damage of employees surviving a terrorist attack.

 We are  experienced at facilitating communication between corporate staff using different technical languages and identifying  appropriate training in technology management and enterprise security,  involving risk management, anti violence,  infrastructure security,  work place violence, executive travel security training. 

The cost of this program is $495.00 per person. This comprehensive one-day seminar offers practical solutions for  personal security and preventing harm to staff, property and information assets. Group discounts are available. This program is suited to both the corporate traveler and security professional. Individual training can be arranged.

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