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Security training for famlies of corporate employees in The woodlands tx

Alpha corps provides Highly skilled security training for executives and thier families living in the woodlands area out side of Houston Texas. If your a executive or own a business and need security info or  if your traveling.








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Course overview.

Executive travel security Safety Training ,one to three days depending on elements included

Training  components

Vehicle security

Vehicle procedures

  • Vehicle Safety & Selection of Rental Cars
  • Principles of Route Selection

Hotel selection

  • Airline Travel Safety
  • Hotel and Room Selection

Principals of route selection


Avoiding Predictable Patterns of Behavior

Risk assessment

Targeting of victims

Personnel safety
  • Awareness Training/Target Recognition
  • Counter-surveillance Technique
  • Terrorism
  • Local Criminal Threats

Handling aggression

  • Crimes Against Women
  • Mitigating Kidnap Risks
  • Surviving a Hijacking
  • Commercial
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Understanding the hostage

  •  Trauma services (traumatic stress, critical incident Prevention and intervention programs crisis management.

 Antiterrorism services

  • Espionage/Protecting IP
  • Corporate Liability Issues (need based)
  • Who should attend–  Executives, Personal safety security and risk management training, Hostile environment training, Humanitarian news reporters, oil and gas workers , airline, military  and industrial workers exposed to hostile environments. Aviation employees the vision 100 aviation rehabilitation act requires air carriers to conduct  basic security training for crew members.