Corporate trainers


Do you need a Corporate Trainer  or Instructor fast in Houston?
Its hard for a corporation to find trainers. Its even harder for a small business that cant afford an on site trainer, consultant or small business development adviser. We provide corporate Training  and  Specialists instructors for temporary or contract work. Its far cheaper than keeping a trainer or instructor on staff. We provide training in  Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe, and Magnolia area. 
Strong communication skills are essential for improved performance in individuals, groups and organizations. In today's fast-paced business environment, you need to know how to communicate effectively to be successful.
Group training for one flat fee per hour or technical staff training.
Instructional designers to help you prepare your programs.
Or if you have your own program we can teach your course.
We also provide training programs in the subjects below. and can create training to fit you needs and workplace or do a risk assessment. We   handle many types of technical training.



Corporate training
Basic  Safety  & Health
Quality control or Safety  instruction
Executive courses Management Training
Technology management training
Business management
Basic Security Training- Security  officer Courses
English second language for Business executives
Don't use a staffing agency. Hire your trainer directly from NMC
 If  your a Human resource officer and your company has put you on a budget tell us.
specific  training courses we can teach  are below

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