Zen leadership training 


Zen for the Executives Zen for the executive  men and women is a great way to renew, and get refocused from the executives busy stressful schedule and ups and downs in life.  This leadership training can lead to clearer vision , enhanced team building and leadership training in Houston Texas.

  By learning new techniques and new way of thinking and understanding using the arts of Zen and taught by a True Zen Master. This method of leadership development promotes emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and management development.   this is a new form of professional development. Spend an afternoon with The most interesting executive coach you've ever known a real Zen Master.

executives Alphacorps considers your  business and team goals as well as your immediate needs and how to inspire your success in the future." We work closely with your company to help identify you goals and incorporate them in to the leadership training.

 Zen Master Hughes well recognized for his work, Master Hughes not only holds 8 commendations he holds a Master degree in management of technology, risk management training, traumatic stress responder and much more. Info on Master Hughes click here  Master Hughes

kungfu master and master hughes

 Simplify your life with help from this master teacher and  executive coach in Houston. This can be a corporate adventure that promotes both personal growth and organizational development.

The Zen for women executives program can help you identify issues relieve stress, improve  good negotiation skills, by improving  and clearing your mental view.

It means knowing how to gain clarity about a conflict situation  comprehending the simple issue eliminating your conflicting personal issues.



 Figure out your key interests, your rebalance  realize your identity the range of options you’d consider, and your bottom line.  Improve your performance and recognize opportunity. Knowing yourself is invaluable.



We provide programs for executive  Women's groups Our programs are provided by experts


keeping your balance in conflict


Master Hughes a well known expert introduces our new program Zen for the Executive woman and women entrepreneurs.

Fees for a group of 10 fees start at 3,500 for a day structured class. overnight adventures start at 4,500.00 per training day.

Master Hughes has  provided education and training to  Domestic and violence centers humanitarian agencies, hospitals, nonprofits, government, law enforcement and emergency relief services and educational agencies. We have trained law enforcement , crisis centers , even National guard members.