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Fast growing Shade trees for Houston

A common mistake made by many homeowners in Houston is planting the fastest-growing tree available.
While the fast growing trees are great , most of these so-called “fast growers” have long-term serious faults such as being weak-wooded, surface-rooted, short-lived or unusually disease- and insect-susceptible. But with proper pre care and after care you can plant the fastest growing trees easily.

What that means is that if you know about the issues such as susceptibility to wood boring pests, you can prevent the problems with help of you tree doctor and enjoy these trees.  The tree will need  certain growing methods to reduce problems by insects, water, tree stress to get them established and healthy. There are now methods to make them resistant to wood boring pests. NMC woodland specializes in treating trees.

 Most species of trees will respond to good care by growing at a relatively fast rate.
 The initial cost of a tree is so small in proportion to the value received over the years that a few extra dollars at purchase time for Proper fertilization and pest control to protect the tree. Buying an improved variety or better species from a  special tree farm, is also money are well spent. Pick a tree that is native or disease resistant when possible or a fast grower that is considered a moderate fast grower and do preventative tree care. A tree that will grow at a moderate rate and produce a stronger and longer-lived specimen.  

 Within 5 years you’ll e enjoying a beautiful yard. That's because the proper fertilization and pest control really make the difference.
The selection of trees for the home landscape deserves careful consideration in terms of the soil, availability of irrigation water and extremes in temperature.

 spray treeAfter analyzing the growing conditions, the homeowner should select trees that will be long-lived, strong-wooded and as insect and disease-resistant as possible, as well as of an ultimate size that will be appropriate in the overall landscape development.

We service the the woodlands, spring ,lake conroe,  cy fair, cypress fairbanks, olde oaks, north gate forest, Champions forest areas. We provide service to the Champions area  in Houston  tx and , We provide service to the champions, olde oak, northgate, forest champions forest,  cypress fairbanks areas, houston .

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