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Landscaping ideas for Houston

The common mistakes.

Trying to match drawings done by a landscape designer, while these pictures may be pretty often the landscape designer knew very little about the plant and their needs. you need to design around the zone and climate in your area. pick plant that are native or can handle the climate then design around that. Landscaping Houston is in a zone that is subtropical so try  Houston landscaping with ornamental trees.

 itallian cypress

The second common mistake is done by supposed professionals that put in your irrigation , often in Houston they put it in wrong because they actually no nothing about the plants or their needs for water. We often find damage caused to plants by improper irrigation systems

When it comes to outdoor landscaping ideas, there are a few things you must consider.

 In the area you are trying to landscape, make sure that it has been cleared of dead weeds or trees or other unwanted plants so that you have a clean palate.

 Check for underground cables or old pipes or sprinkler systems.

  Some outdoor landscaping ideas are going to bit a little more outrageous than others so it is in your best interest to do as much research about the type of things you want to do.

 Your yard should match your vision and personality.pool

When it comes to outdoor landscaping, there are a variety of things that you can do. It is basically wide open to your budget and your own creativity. Consider your outdoor interests.
 Maybe you want to include an area for a particular sport, a swimming pool, or playground equipment for the kids or a patio to entertain and want to include an outdoor kitchen or fireplace. this will affect certain types of plants.

Pick the right plants for these type of areas.
A quiet sitting area near a koi pond or waterfall may be a nice place for guests to sit and visit. But remember some plants require more pest control and some pest applica6ions can kill the fish. Hire a professional for the plant care

We have seen a lot of damage caused by yard and lawn maintenance company's trying to do pest control in the yard.

Plant types A lot of people like the Italian cypress, but this plant can be prone to tree pests and does not rover well , so if your going to use it it must have regular pest control.

We service the  cy fair, cypress fairbanks, olde oaks, north gate forest, Champions forest areas. We provide service to the Champions area  in Houston  tx and , We provide service to the champions, olde oak, northgate, forest champions forest,  cypress fairbanks areas, houston .

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