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Are you noticing dead pine trees.

There are five different species of bark beetles which infest pine trees.  We have a method of controlling or stopping pine beetles. Our company can help you control Pine beetles on you property.  

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 Although they will also occasionally choose to infest spruce or larch trees. The dendroctonus species of bark beetles primarily feed on pine trees, Pine trees can be weakened by bark beetles, or infestation may become so severe as to kill off the entire tree.

What do they  look like?

The beetles spend most  of their time underneath cover of the bark and are rarely seen. Pine bark beetles may have infested your tree if you note that the tree has needles around the crown which have yellowed, or gradually gone from yellow to a brownish or reddish orange. You may also note small holes within the body of the tree trunk or  pitch around those holes.

How do they hatch
The  egg to adult stages ranges average from 26 to 54 days. The beetles may have as few as three generations and as many as seven generations in Texas. The beetles stay over winter inside trees at all stages. In the spring when the dogwoods bloom, adults begin to fly. Females land on host trees, 2 - 9 m off the ground, bore through the bark.

They produce a pheromone that attracts males and females together to attack the tree en mass. Females begin building egg galleries. Mating takes place in the gallery followed by female egg laying. 

What we provided

We can Spray pine beetles for control  or use or new shield treatment. The shield program is not used by other companies as it is proprietary. We also have other proprietary methods to treat for pine beetles that other companies cant provide. For pine beetles, treatment for pine beetles , pine borers, white pine beetle, information pine beetles. Call us for consultation. 936-445-0095 or use our contact form above.

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